Traditional Metal

Metal Braces (Silver)

Many adults still have painful memories of the big clunky braces from the past. Luckily, times have changed, and so have metal braces. Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before with low profiles and strong adhesives.

Tinsel teeth beware:

From silver and gold to a rainbow of color, today’s metal braces represent a brave new expression of confidence.

Victory Series™ Metal Braces
Introducing the new standard in braces comfort. Victory Series™ Metal Braces work like traditional full size braces — without the bulk and discomfort.

  • Smaller braces enhance comfort and aesthetics
  • High bond strength provides firm, corrective forces
  • Unique natural curvature provides maximum contact and comfort
  • Smooth finish is easier on the lips and gums
  • Metal braces with colored bands have become a popular new way to decorate teeth


Why 3M™ Braces?


3M is a global leader in technology, innovation and research. We’ve been producing inventive products that improve people’s lives for over 100 years. 3M is the science, the exhaustive testing and the entrepreneurial spirit behind the brands you trust –like Post-It®, Scotch™, Thinsulate™, Nexcare™ and more.
In the braces arena, 3M produced the first stainless steel braces, the first adhesive pre-coated braces, color-changing bonding adhesive and true self-ligating braces.

3M Orthodontic Leadership

Put your smile in our capable hands. 3M has been producing innovative products in an ever-growing variety of markets for more than 100 years. We’ve been a proven leader in the orthodontic industry for over 60 years. We put this expertise to work for you in every set of braces we manufacture– all backed by our unwavering commitment to superior customer service and the highest quality products available.