Braces Tips During the Quarantine from Crescent Orthodontics and the AAO

March , 2020

Due to the mandated self quarantine, you may be unsure of when you’ll be back in our orthodontist’s office in South Lyon for treatment. Remember, you are also a partner in the process and your oral health care doesn’t end between visits. Here are a few tips for caring for your teeth in between now […]

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Can Invisalign Fix My Overbite?

March , 2020
Can Invisalign Fix My Overbite

Are you wondering, “Can Invisalign fix my overbite?” As it turns out, you are good company. Did you know that the great majority of people have a slight overbite? And, overbites are the most common malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth. While many cases are minor, in some cases, an overbite could cause serious health problems. Consider […]

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Can Invisalign Fix My Underbite?

January , 2020
Can Invisalign Fix My Underbite

Are you wondering, “Can Invisalign® fix my underbite?” While most have a little overbite, otherwise known as “buck teeth,” there are many others with the reverse situation. An underbite has a bulldog-like appearance instead. If your lower teeth stick out in front of your upper teeth, you may be able to correct it with Invisalign®. […]

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Invisalign For Adults

December , 2019
Invisalign Near Me

Meet Crescent Orthodontics Dr. Ashley Reynolds and the wonderful staff at Crescent Orthodontics have the knowledge and experience to treat their patients with Invisalign for adults in South Lyon, MI. Invisalign clear aligners are a great alternative to conventional metal braces. The aligners are totally translucent, and removable. Invisalign trays are crafted from thermoplastic that exerts a […]

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Braces Options Novi, MI

November , 2019
Braces Novi MI

Exploring Braces Options in Novi, MI Have you thought about braces options in Novi, MI? You may be surprised to learn that more options exist than just traditional braces. Thanks to advances in technology, Crescent Orthodontics is proud to offer essential options to patients like you for better quality treatment. Dr. Ashley L. Reynolds is […]

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October , 2019
Invisalign Near Me

Dr. Ashley Reynolds and the courteous, professional staff of Crescent Orthodontics have the knowledge and experience to treat their patients with Invisalign near Novi, MI. Invisalign translucent aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces. The aligners are clear, removable, trays made from thermoplastic that exert a gentle pressure to shift teeth to an optimal position […]

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Affordable Braces in Oakland County MI

September , 2019
Orthodontist Oakland County MI

Are you seeking more information about affordable orthodontics including affordable braces in Oakland County MI? Chances are that you are questioning how to make great treatment more attainable. Here at Crescent Orthodontics, we offer great orthodontics for a price that all patients can afford. We believe that all prospective patients should achieve a healthier mouth […]

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10 Tips for Braces Pain Relief

August , 2019

Braces are now more comfortable and effective than ever before. Being fitted with braces for the first time does take some getting used to. There may be some mild discomfort as you adjust to this new feeling within your mouth. To alleviate any discomfort for first time orthodontic patients, Crescent Orthodontics has come up with […]

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Fun Things to do in South Lyon, MI

July , 2019

Not surprisingly, there are a great number of fun things to do in South Lyon MI! Crescent Orthodontics loves our community, and we have put together some great things to do with family, friends, and loved ones this summer. Giving back to the community in terms of great orthodontic care is only one thing we […]

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Looking for Invisalign Treatment?

June , 2019
invisalign south lyon mi

Invisalign is increasing in popularity. Fast becoming a go-to method of orthodontic treatment for many patients. Prospective patients like you may be unaware of the factors that determine the average cost of Invisalign treatment. Dr. Ashley Reynolds specializes in treating patients with Invisalign in South Lyon, MI. The average cost of Invisalign may account for […]

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